Achievements are gained when you have fulfilled some conditions. Each achievement gives you a certain amount of points, dollars or a unique dress or furniture item. You can see the full list of achievements and those that are already gained by opening the “View profile” section and then go to Achievements.

All achievements are divided into the following groups:

  • Make-up - require changes made at the Beauty salon;
  • Actions - require actions you perform in order to become more and more popular as well as good care of your Lady;
  • Ownership - require buying and owning clothes and accessories for your Lady and her pet as well as furniture items;
  • Games - require winning challenges and playing Mini games;
  • Premium - require actions you perform regarding the Premium options in the game.

Make sure you complete the achievements as all other Ladies visiting your profile can view what you have and haven’t managed to gain as an achievement.

Make them admire you by gaining all the achievements available.

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