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This document is intended to inform the consumer concerning the personal data that is collected, processed and used in games and services on the Internet. XS Software respects the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data. These privacy provisions apply to all services offered on the websites operated by XS Software, as well as to all online games of XS Software, the portal, but not to the sites of other providers linked to XS Software. In such cases the privacy policies of the respective supplier are applicable.

1. General policy on collection and use of personal data

XS Software collects and uses only the information provided during the registration process in our game portal or in the forums of our games (websites).

Personal information is collected at the time of access to the website via registration only or in case of registration and subsequent paid services operation of your choice.

To be able to register in the games of XS Software or in the portal, you only need to enter your username and e-mail address.

Our sites, use the following information: IP addresses and hours of use, cookies and Flash local data, statistical information, such as browser type, operating system, links, from which you have been redirected to our pages, date, time, visited pages, duration and frequency of use.

These data are only used for anonymous statistical evaluations. IP addresses and time of visits are kept from us (for a maximum period of three months) as part of our legal obligations. In specific cases, your IP address and time of visits are used to exclude the use of fraudulent, multiple gaming accounts.

The information we collect is used to adapt and improve our services, provide services and billing, to communicate, to offer support on our websites, as well as different news events and offers.

2. Cookies

Like many other companies, in order to make optimal use of our website, games and services (in the sense of "feeling that games bring to the consumer") we collect and use temporary or permanent "cookies".

"Cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer, which allows better use of the website. This storing serves among other things to enable automatic access, without the need for user name and password to be entered each time. In the data stored in the cookie, there are no personal links, redirecting to the user.

If you do not want "cookies" to be saved on your computer or if you want to be informed about their storage, you can prevent the installation of "cookies" by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser "does not accept cookies." For more information about the usage of any browser, please read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the program. We are Warning the user that in such cases he will not be able to use the full functionality of our services.

3. Third-party advertising, links to other sites, Facebook button

Sometimes in websites property of XS Software, you may see third-party advertising and interactive links to third party websites for which XS Software is not legally responsible. XS Software has no influence on the structure and the content of external links. The respective suppliers are solely responsible for the structure and content of these sites, and for the respect of confidentiality provisions.

In some the sites property of XS Software, you can find Facebook button "like", which is controlled exclusively by the social networking site Facebook and therefore Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). By pressing the "like" button, if you do not have an account on Facebook or if you are currently not logged in, you will see an application for registration. This way your data will be transferred to Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account and are signed in, you will be automatically transferred to the servers of Facebook, i.e. even without pressing the "like" button, your data is transferred as soon as you visit the site. Transferring your data and connecting to your Facebook account occurs automatically without notification. XS Software cannot influence in any way. The data transfer can be deactivated when you disconnect from your Facebook profile. You can get more information on the data collected from Facebook and statutory rights of the consumer, by contacting Facebook and reading their privacy policy here.

4. Provision of personal data to third parties

XS Software will provide your personal information and data collected for payments, only to third parties such as partners, external vendors and the police, only in case we need to fulfill the contract and for the purposes set out above, in particular for increase of payments and to ensure the safety of others or in cases required by law.

The Payment process is executed through external providers (e.g. credit card companies, banks, PayPal, Global Collect). Personal interests of consumers will be protected in accordance with applicable laws. Foreign suppliers are obliged to provide confidentiality and data processing with maximum security and can use your personal data only if it is necessary to carry out their activities.

5. Changes

XS Software reserves the right to modify at any time this privacy policy or the content of their Web sites or block access to them. XS Software will inform users of any changes made.

6. Right of deletion and withdrawal of data

Any user, who has given his consent to the processing of his personal data, can cancel it at any time. Data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed or if he himself had requested their deletion. Note that the data cannot be deleted if there are obligations that must be met and in case that they are needed for billing of fees for services.

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