1. What is Madmoo?

Madmoo is the trademark of XS Software. All of our games are connected with this brand and this helps our players to register to our other games more easily.

2. What is Madmoo Login and why it is useful for me?

If you already have an account in one of these XS Games - Khan Wars, Lady Popular, Nemexia or Fashion Arena you can use your account to enter the rest of the listed games.

How that works?

  • You can directly login to any opened for registration World or Universe by simply typing your initial username and current password. If you don't have an account in this World, Universe or Realm - the system will automatically create you one by letting you customize your character, choose your race, map location, etc.
  • You can also use the registration form and again to type your initial username and current password, it doesn't matter what email you will type. Note that every previous account, that you have registered with a different email, will remain the same.

Example: If you register in with the username "hellokitty" and some password, and you choose an email "", you can register with the same username and password to but with different email "".

Your both accounts will have the same Madmoo username "hellokitty" but different emails.

Is that an issue?

No, it is not. If you forgot your password, you can try the "Forgotten password" option in or, but remember that you need to type the respective email for these games. If you want to use the "Forgotten password" option in, then you must type the email "". When the new password is sent, it will be valid for all of your accounts.

If you forgot your emails for all of your accounts but you still know your username and password, you can register to any XS game that you want to. Just type a new email and remember it. Then you can use "Change email" option in the game. This will change the emails to all of your accounts and they will be connected with the same email from now on.

If you have any additional questions for Madmoo login - please ask your respective Administrator.

Note that if you already have an account in this World or Universe and it is not deleted for inactivity*, the system will automatically logs you into your already existing account.

* The account can be deleted for inactivity if you didn't login for a long period of time.

3. Why I cannot login / register to another Madmoo game with my username?

There are three possible reasons for that:

  • you are typing wrong password;
  • you are typing wrong username;
  • your account was already deleted for inactivity;

If you already have a Madmoo account, then nothing should prevent you from registering in another game, world or universe with your current username and password.

4. How to ask for Forgotten password of Madmoo account?

You can use the "Forgotten password" option in any of the games you have registered to. Type the username and email you are currently using and you will reset the password of your Madmoo account.

Note that if you forgot your password or can't remember any of your emails - there is no way to prove the ownership of this account and it will be quite hard for any Administrator to help you!

So remember at least 1 email that you have used to register to any of the XS Games in case you forgot the rest of your login details.

5. What if all my accounts has been deleted because of inactivity?

If all your accounts are deleted by yourself or because of inactivity you can still use your Madmoo account to register again because the information for your Madmoo account is kept for a longer period of time.

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