Trading Мarches

Trading Marches are used to deal with offers. Offers are proposals for Resource trade.

For example:

Player A has a lot of Gold, but no Wood. So they post an offer requiring 1000 Wood and offering 1000 Gold (values are examples; it is possible to request more Resources than you offer). Another player, Player B is in the opposite predicament they need Gold and have a lot of Wood. Player B browses offers and finds the offer of Player A. When offer is accepted by another player a number of his free traders according to their trade capacity transports the negotiated resources to the offer poster’s castle and the already occupied traders of the offer posting players start transporting the resources to the offer accepting player’s castle at the same time.


  • Army can’t be sent on Trade Marches.
  • This March cannot be recalled.
  • The “don’t unload option” is not available.
  • This March can’t be Motivated.
  • A player cannot accept an offer if they do not have the required Resources for exchange, if they have reached their March limit or if they don’t have enough merchants.

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