Game Rules

I. Common topics

The Company's Terms and Conditions are located in the company's site. To see them click here.

1. Registrations

The game "Khanwars" in its current form is a free web-based game in its beta testing phase of development. The registration is completely free and the only condition for the players is to agree with the rules.

2. Accounts

Every person has the right to have only 1 account in one playing World.

3. Game, forum

The KhanWars Feedback (at the bottom of each page of the game) and the forum with a web address are the official bodies of the game “Khanwars”. All assaults on them are considered breaking the current rules and can lead to punishments in the forum and in the game.

ІІ. Restrictions and Punishments

1. Multiaccounting

1.1. Multiaccounting happens when one user makes more than one registration. This is strictly forbidden and will be punished without warning. The punishment applies for all accounts no matter if they are with 0 points or are developed.

1.2. Players that use the same computer/IP address must inform an administrator right after their registration through the Feedback system. The player must explain the reason for this and the administrator must approve. If the 2 players log in history is not consistent with the reason for using one computer/IP adress, this will be treated as a violation. Player that haven’t informed the administration that they will play from ONE computer/IP address will be considered in violation of the rules and will be punished. When playing from one computer/IP address the players don’t have the rights to:

  • To send Resources to other accounts from the same computer.
  • To help in any way the other accounts from the same computer.
  • To participate in mutual actions with other accounts from the same computer against a third party.
  • To log on to more than one account at a time from the same computer.
  • To send any kind of Marches between them.

1.3. These actions between 2 or more accounts are also considered multiaccounting:

  • Sending Resources to a Castle, from where it can be taken with one or more Attacks;
  • Constant Attacks with a smaller Army with the objective of creating a Clean-up field for Gathering by the attacked Castle.
  • Creating additional accounts to Spy, with the objective to save the main account from training Quickwalkers.
  • Taking Resources through multiple accounts with the objective to finally get them to the main one.

These are just a few examples of what is considered multiaccounting. If administration discoveres any other actions, not listed here, that interfere with the fairplay in the game, they will consider this as a violation.

2. Babysitting

Babysitting is entering in an account from another IP from another person that has an account or one that doesn’t, no matter the duration and reasons for it. EVERY login and EVERY IP, session and information from the browser are to be recorded (which isn’t in violation of the law). According to these rules Babysitting is forbidden and will be punished.

It is not recommended for anyone to give the account to another person as this is a severe breach in security. Anyone doing this takes responsibility for any thing that comes as a result of the exchange.The player that gets the new account is obligated to restart the old account that will be abandoned. Every entering in the old account by the user after he has taken over a new one is considered multiaccounting and will be punished. The users that take part in this type of exchanges are responsible for their own actions and the administration is not obligated to resolve the problems that could appear later.

Selling accounts is forbidden in the game. The exchange of the Coins for Resources is also forbidden.

3. Bugs and breaches of the system.

A Bug is considered a weakness or mistake in the game’s script that allows a player to improve his conditions in a forbidden by the game’s rules way and/or in a way that troubles the game’s servers or staff and/or the software to do what it is supposed to.

3.1. If a player find a bug in the game he is obligated to inform the administration of it. The user is to be punished if he doesn’t inform the administration and takes advantage of the bug.

3.2. If the player abuses a reported but not fixed bug, he may be punished if the administration decides so.

3.3. If a player finds a way to breach the systems defences and to intentionally cause problems with the work of the system, his account will be punished too.

The administration keeps its right to claim damages, according to the caused damage and the administration expenses.

4. Bots

Bots are considered (automatic) scripts in all forms that simulate activity in an account (except for the automatized scripts in the game). Using bots in any way is strongly forbidden and will be punished.

5. Blackmail and insults

All kinds of blackmail, insults or threats (physical, not virtual), that are sent to players can lead to the administrative punishment. The administration can also decide to ban the user from the forum.

6. Punishments

Here is the list of violations that will be punished but are not listed above:

6.1. Trying to put a member of the game’s staff under pressure with the objective of getting privileges in the game;

6.2. Trying in any way to get confidential information of another player, like his/her password or different kinds of codes that are supposed to be inaccessible. Publicly post ( such as Forums, Blogs, Player/Castle/Clan info, etc.) Battle or Espionage reports without the agreement of both sides is also punished; Players are allowed to privately exchange such reports in personal messages or other channels of communication.

6.3. Not following the rules about playing from 1 computer/using IP covering software, public proxy servers and etc.;

6.4. Uncensored and insulting nicknames/castle names/knight names/castle info/player info/avatars; Players with insulting nicknames will have their accounts permanently closed as the nickname cannot be changed. In such cases players are entitled ONLY to a transfer of their credits in to a new account, without any other benefits, progress or subscription options;

6.5. All rules listed also apply for the forum;

6.6. Insults or threats to the game’s staff or other players, no matter the time, place and way. The game’s staff keeps the right to act in its own way without explaining to any 3rd person;

6.7. Posting hidden links;6.8. In case of a proof that one player grants access to an already developed castle to another player the administration reduces the building levels of the newly conquered castle and punishes both sides. The situation of one player moving his first capital to another castle so the first one can be conquered is especially popular and will not be tolerated as fairplay by the administration of the game.The game’s staff keeps the right to apply the following punishments without informing the player about that.

The punishments are:

  • Temporary disability of posting messages in the game’s forum
  • Permanent disability of posting messages in the game’s forum
  • Temporary ban from the game’s forum
  • Permanent ban from the game’s forum
  • Temporary disability of posting messages in the game
  • Permanent disability of posting messages in the game
  • Temporary ban from the game without the account’s Castle(s) being available for Attacks
  • Temporary ban from the game with the account’s Castle(s) being available for Attacks
  • Permanent ban from the game with the account’s Castle(s) being available for Attacks
  • If proof of multiaccounting/ babysitting is found - deactivating all accounts included in the violation
  • Ban from the machines in relation with the game.

"Proof" in this context means that the staff unanimously considers it a violation. The staff is not obligated to give explanations about their decision.

Remark: questions about blocked accounts or banned access , are to be sent to the Feedback system. Insulting language or multiple requests for comments after one has already been received will not be tolerated.

7. Advertising

All kinds of unauthorized adverts are forbidden (in Clan information, Castles or nicknames), no matter if they are in text form or in form of a banner, link, image, avatar, etc.

8. Battles, purposed to artificially raise players experience.

Battles, purposed to artificially raise players experience (such battles are analyzed by administrators or programmers) will result in punishment. Both sides that participate in such battles will be punished without a warning. The illegally gained expirience will be removed from both sides accounts. The administration can decide to remove more expirience than was illegally gained, in accordance with the company rules. Since, it is very difficult to define when a player illegally gains expirience all cases in which the administration decides that this is the case will be treated as a violation of this rule.

9. Resource injection and lending

9.1. A Resource injection to a certain player is considered a violation. Conditions needed for a players action’s to be considered a Resource injection:

9.1.1. Sending Resources to a player, outside the Clan, without getting anything in return.Every player is allowed to send Resources to a player, outside the Clan, without getting anything in return, up to 3 times over a 7 day period. Sending more Marches is considered a Resource injection and anyone doing it will be punished. Every player is allowed to receive Resources from a player, outside the Clan, without giving anything in return, up to 6 times over a 7 day period. Receiving more Marches is considered a Resource injection and anyone doing it will be punished.

9.1.2. Sending Resources to a player, inside the Clan, without getting anything in return. Every player is allowed to send Resources to a player, inside the Clan, without getting anything in return, up to 5 times over a 7 day period. Sending more Marches is considered a Resource injection and anyone doing it will be punished. Every player is allowed to receive Resources from a player, inside the Clan, without giving anything in return, up to 10 times over a 7 day period. Receiving more Marches is considered a Resource injection and anyone doing it will be punished.

9.2.Each player is allowed to send an unlimited amount of Resources to other players as long as the Resources are returned in a 3 day period. If the Resources aren’t returned in a matter of 7 days this is considered Resource injecting and the players will be punished.

Remark: Sending an Attack to a player inside the clan, with the purpose of stealing their Resources is considered a Transportation March and counts, regarding the limitations.

10. Online hours and how are they calculated.

According to the rules of the game, each player can play up to 20 hours per 24-hour day. Note that the 24 hours period is from 00:00 to 23:59 Server time. The local time, where the player is playing from is irrelevant.

Because of that in the "Castle" section under your Castle view you can find a counter showing your play time for the day.

The time is recorded once an hour (at 12:50, 13:50, 14:50 and so on). The game calculates your inactivity by minutes, and your presence by hours. This means that it doesn't matter if you played a whole hour between 12:50 and 13:50, or you have just logged in once through this period - in both cases your playtime will be recorded as one hour.

Our advice is when you see "Online: 19 hours" in the "Castle" menu, to stop playing immediately for at least 4 hours. Actually, when you see this sign, you have very little time to stop your game and have a break. If the sign says "Online: 20 hours", this means that you have already broken the game rules and you will be punished.Note that you must always use the Log-out button, when you are done playing. If you din't your browser might count up to 1 hour more on the timer.


Maximum play hours for one 24-hour-day is 20. On the 18th and 19th hours you wil receive a personal message with warning that you are close to the maximum playtime. After reaching the 20th hour, the account is being locked and for the next 6 hours you remain punished with allowed attacks to you.

11. Chargeback

Chargeback is the action of requesting the funds back after purchasing an in-game service. Chargeback is strictly prohibited. The penalty for chargeback is blocking account without any warning.

12. Unmentioned cases

The game administrators are allowed to punish players, in cases that are not mentioned here, as long as the administrator decides that the player’s actions are breaking the rules of fair-play and are giving the player an unfair advantage over other players.

ІІІ. Reporting

1. Player reporting

Player reporting of any kind of violation is done in the Feedback system;

If a report is proved fake, made with the objective of punishing an enemy, the player that has posted the report is to be punished.

2. Reporting of staff members

If (a) player(s) has doubts about the work of a staff member, he(they) can request a thorough check on the member. Such a request is to be sent at :

ІV. Addition

1. Checking of administration decisions

The actions of a administrator, can only be changed after a unanimous decision of the game team.

2. Compensations

If a player is a victim of a game or staff error, he is to receive compensation according to the administrator decision.

If a player requests a compensation that is different from the one that the administrator decided upon, their request will be turned down.

3. Objections

Every unexplained objection of the game’s rules can lead to one of the upper punishments.

4. Undescribed cases

The game’s administrators keep the right to punish at their discretion in case a player has violated the rules or the fair game play, in a way that hasn’t been described in them.

V. Contributions

Contributing to the company Xs Software JSCo, no matter if it is made through an SMS or in any other way, is in no way to be given back or compensated. When an account is punished for not following the current rules, the game’s staff is not obligated to move the coins from that account to a new one or to compensate the player in anyway.Any subscription options activated can not be transfered to another account. Same rule applies for credits and stars. An account that has contributed to the game is a “donor”. That is a completely volunteer act and does not obligate the staff in any way. Every contribution gives the account an amount of Coins, that allow the player to use additional options for a period of time. The “donor status” doesn’t in any way give an advantage to the player against the other players and also doesn’t give them the right to request compensations in any kind after the staff has punished them for a proved violation of the rules.

VI. The game Team (staff)

It is FORBIDDEN for any of the game’s staff to play the game itself, no matter the nickname. The only exception is if the member of the staff has control only in the forum. The staff:

  • is not responsible for any damages (no matter if connected with the game in any way) to the user as a result of theur participating in the game.
  • is not responsible for any problems with the machines that support the game or the game itself.
  • keeps the right to compensate the players that have suffered from actions of the staff.
  • keeps the right to make corrections in the game and all its aspects without warning.
  • keeps the right to change these rules, previously warning the player with a message in the game or in the forum.
  • keeps the right to block the access to the game when necessary. That goes for the planned support checks as well as for the accidents.

VII. Contacts

The only official form to contact the game’s staff is the Feedback link at the bottom of each page of KhanWars. You can also use the game’s forum, but the staff is not obligated to assure you with its presence or to answer your question.

VIII. Forum

Common situations:

The forum is official for the game “Khanwars”.

No one is obligated to express their opinion to any conversation topic, including moderators and administrators. The participation in the game’s forum is completely voluntary and no user is obligated to do what another one has requested. The information in “Khanwars” is given, not required.

1. Posting a new topic

1.1. The title of the new topic should be as describing as possible and in reference with the part of the forum where it is posted. “Describing” means more of the key words, not whole sentences.

1.2. Doubled topic: When an user is about to post a new topic he is obligated to look in “search” to check if there wasn’t already the same or at least a similar topic. “Crossposting” (posting the same or similar topic as an old one) is punished.

1.3. Topicality: When a new topic is posted the user that posts it is obligated to see if the topic of the whole forum part is connected to the particular topic he wants to post. In every topical section of the forum there could be particular restrictions ( exposed in a topic on the top of the section that is usually nominated “Important topic”).

1.4. Topic author: every user that creates a new topic becomes its author. The author is obligated to define the margins in which the discussion will be held in the first post in the topic. It could be a simple question, a phrase that defines the main problems of the topic, etc. An author can contact the forum’s staff through a personal message (or by clicking the button “report”) and to request the removal or change of a posted answer in his topic on the basis that it is not connected with the topic. The staff will see if the request is objective and do what they find best.

2. Posting an answer

Before posting a new answer you are obligated to check if it is in reference with the topic.

3. Language and manners

The discussions ought to be held in an orderly and respectful manner. Arguing in a rude manner is forbidden and will be severely punished. Unethical, rude and ironic attitude will not be tolerated, will be deleted and sanctions will be applied. Sexist and/or racist posts are completely forbidden. The user oughtn’t repeat a previous opinion because that would be considered flooding and an attempt to silence the discussion by screaming. This is also to be punished. The overuse of emote icons, pictures, colouring, bolds and increasing the size of letters will not be tolerated.

4. Advert

It is drastically forbidden to post insulting comments about and object/subject/group, an intentional advertising of a product/service, searches for help in exchange for money or searching/offering/distribution of illegal information about a group/company/person.

5. Images

5.1. Solecism/erotic/violence/racism- images with these notions are forbidden.

5.2. Avatar/ Mood - to be in reference with point 5.1. and not more than 120 pixels of height. The mood has to be orderly and not violate the rules by bolds or colouring.

6. The actions of the staff when a forum rule has been violated:

Every violator of the rules can be sanctioned by deletion or change of a topic, a post or a part of a post, without warning. Violators will be sent a Personal message from the staff which will automatically increase their warn level (warn %) and then will be denied their users rights for a period of time or will be dealt with in another manner based on the decision of the forum’s staff and administration.

Every user becomes obligated to follow the rules with his registration. Of course the forum is voluntary so the forum’s staff considers that any user that has a registration is familiar with the rules and self-obligates himself to follow them. Information about the restrictions caused by violating the forum’s rules. Every user that has been sanctioned has the right to contact a member of the staff (through a Personal message) and find out why he is punished. The staff is not obligated to explain its actions and motives - this is possible only voluntarily.

7. Section proposals

Before you make a new proposal check if it has not already been made. Just as in the other sections here describing titles are required. The better style your proposal has, the better the chance for it to be paid attention to. The proposal should be accompanied with a questionnaire with correct and simple possible answers. If the other players answer negatively to your proposal then it will automatically be rejected. If it is approved by the players then the game’s staff will comment on it and it could appear in the next restart. If your proposal is approved by the player it will 100% appear in the next restart. If any proposals don’t follow the rules then they will be blocked and deleted.

IX. Users

By registering an account Users state that they have read these rules and agree with its content, agree to follow the rules and to take the punishments if the staff decides they are necessary. They obligate themselves to regularly check for changes in the rules. Not being aware of the rules doesn’t excuse those who have broken them. The users take responsibility for their personal information and are not to present it to any members of the staff – current or previous. If such has been presented the game’s staff is not responsible.

The rights of the game belong toXs Software JSCo (

The right of this text belongs toXs Software JSCo and its reproduction is forbidden without our written agreement.

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