Daily Rewards

Whenever, players login for cosequtive days they receive Daily rewards. These are small rewards that we give in order to thank our players for their commitment.

The possible rewards are:

  • a small amount of one resource type;
  • a small amount of all resource types;
  • a VIP subscription for a short time and even a few Credits.

When the award is VIP subscription, the time won is automatically added to the player's account. When the reward is resources the player receives a treasure chest, which is added to the player's knight's inventory. The player can place the chest in the consumables slot on the knight to receive their award.The rewards grows with the growth of the amount of consequtive days in which the player has logged in. This means that on the second day you will get a reward that is slightly larger than the one you got on the first. On the third day a but larger than the one you got on the second. And so on, until the fifth day. Then the biggest reward is given. If a player logs in for a 6-th, 7-th, etc. consequtive day, they will get the same reward as on the 5-th on - the biggest one available.If a player misses a day and doesn't log in, the counting of the consequtive days beggins from the first one again.

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