Every Marketplace begins as a small insignificant Market - a few merchants with a few booths on a fairly level land called a square. While the Market is so small there is no competition, so the prices are insanely high. That’s why you have to make a better Market, build roads to the Market so that more merchants would come and there would be a struggle for who sells the most so they will lower their prices.

The more you build, the more people there are on the Market and soon it will be so full of merchants that your neighbors can only envy you.

At the external Market you can make your own offers and trade Resources with other players and also see what they are offering. If any offer pleases your needs all you have to do is click "Accept" and the Trade March starts itself.

In the list of offers the characteristics of every offer are shown: the Castle of the trader, the distance, what the player offers, what the player requests for it, what the maximum March time is and the time needed for each offer itself.

There is a limit on the amount of offers a player can post. The limit is 3 at level 1 of the Marketplace and one more is added for every 5 levels of the Marketplace. Which means 4 offers by level 5, 5 by level 10 etc to a maximum of 8 on level 25. There is an option in the market that allows you to exchange resources 1:1 without waiting for a minimal amount of coins. All you need to do is determine what part f the resource to be turned into the resource you need by simply sliding the button.

The sending of Resources can be Motivated for Speed. (applies for Transport March, not Trade March).

The deals and the sending of Resources are done with Trade and Transport Marches, these Marches are done by merchants not by Units. Every Merchant has a cargo capacity of 1000 (it can be increased by the Finance skill). Note that the traders of Nations that have Trade Bonus (Arabs, Mongols, Germans) can carry 20% more Resources.

You can cancel your offers 24 hours after they are posted.

Note: You have the option to cancel an offer in the Marketplace 6 hours after publishing it, but with some penalties: starting from 50% at the 6thhour and gradually falling to 25% at the 15thhour and then gradually falling to 0% at the 24th.

Maximum level: 25

Required Buildings: None

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