Knight Missions

Knights can gain a maximum of 50 levels by gaining prestige. Missions are the primary source of prestige and items for the knights.

In order to send one of your knights on a mission you need resources depending on mission duration and knight level. There are 5 different missions that require between 10 and 200 stamina points. The more stamina points a mission requires, the more prestige and better chance for a powerful item it grants. The resources spent on a mission give the player an amount of experience equal to the sum of the resources spent on the mission. If a mission is interrupted, the resources for it are not returned in the Castle, where there were spent, and the experience is not added to the player's account.


Knight Mission requires 1000 gold, 1000 iron, 1000 wood and 1000 food. When the mission is finished the player will receive 4000 experience towards his account experience in addition to knight prestige and a chance to find a useful item.

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