The Renegades are non-player characters (NPCs). This means that they are commanded by the game itself.When you attack certain renegade you get upgrade points from it. The UPs are very important because without them you cannot upgrade your ships.There are several principles that renegades follows:

  1. There can be only 1 renegade at a time per Solar system.
  2. This renegade is visible for all players in the galaxy/solar system but it has unique tier depending on players development.
  3. You cannot attack renegades from Team planets.
  4. You can attack renegades only from Single planet on flight Attack Renegade.
  5. You cannot attack renegades with Spy probe/Spybot/Nox mind only.
  6. You will get UPs only if you won the battle or you end in draw.
  7. You will not get UPs for defeat.
  8. Each renegade can have random template depending on players development.
  9. Each renegade can fly in one solar system from 1 to 3 hours then it expires.
  10. Approximately 1 hour after the previous renegade expire - the new onerespawn on random coordinates in the same solar system.
  11. Renegades can respawn either on free coordinates or on players planet.
  12. Each renegade tier has different ships upgrade level. It starts from levle 0 on Tier I and can reach to level 9 on Tier 10 (Level 14 for Endless universes).
  13. Also after each successfull attack (when you get a Victory) the level of the ships increases. So if you attack 10 times Tier 1 - the 10th time ships will be on level 9.
  14. If you attack the Renegades with 95% or more population of your current hangar limit you can get up to 6 times more Upgrade points.

Renegade tiers

There are 10 tiers of renegades depending on players Shipyard level.

Each tier contains different types of ships.

Tier Ships Shipyard Tier Ships Shipyard
I Raider 1 VIII Fighter 13
II Raider 3 Corvette
Fighter Assault ship
III Raider 5 Serpent
Corvette IX Raider 14
IV Raider 7 Corvette
Fighter Assault ship
Corvette Heavy fighter
V Fighter 9 Techno mage
Corvette X Raider 15
Assault ship Fighter
VI Raider 11 Corvette
Corvette Assault ship
Heavy fighter Heavy fighter
VII Raider 12 Avatar
Assault ship
Heavy fighter

Renegade templates

Each tier has up to 3 templates that are generated random when the renegade is respawn. To see what template exactly you need to fight you need to send Spy renegade flight.

The ships in the template are divided by percentage. They cannot be more than 100% and these 100% are equal to your population that you send in the Attack Renegade flight.

For example:If you spy a Tier II Renegade and you see that it has 60% Raiders and 10% Fgihters, this mean that if you send 2000 population (no matter of the ships). The Renegade will have 1200 Raiders and 40 Fighters.Renegades statsEach tier has default science, admiral stats and admiral skills. Detailed information you can find at the table below:

NameTypeTier ITier IITier IIITier IVTier VTier VITier VIITier VIIITier IXTier X
Ships defenceScience123457101418
Laser ScienceScience12345791114
Ion ScienceScience12345791114
Plasma ScienceScience12345791114
Light ArmorScience3456810
Medium ArmorScience3456810
Heavy ArmorScience3456810
Force AttackScience6810
Prompt DefenceScience24
Laser BeamAdmiral Skill112233
Ion ChargerAdmiral Skill112233
Plasma OptimizerAdmiral Skill112233
Attack ForcerAdmiral Skill1122
Shield MasterAdmiral Skill112233
Ships MasterAdmiral Skill112233
Ultimate DefenderAdmiral Skill1122
AttackAdmiral Stat36912151821242730
LifeAdmiral Stat36912151821242730

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