Battle system

1 Battles

In each battle the fleet of attacker fights the fleet of defender. Ships(and defence) from both sides are divided into groups according to their type.Each group fires enemy units so it kills some of them.After each shot there is an armor reduction calculated for the defender and when defender attacks - for the attacker. Damage and armor reduction are explained below as well. The game choses what ships (defence) each group will strike according to their Priority target.If there is no priority target for the certain group to strike it will attack at random another battle ships or defence group.After successful attack the attacker steals resources from the defender. In a battle is a draw or loss, attacker takes no resources.You have to know that civilian ships and commander ships are being stroked at the end.

2 Weapons

Each ship has a weapon from one of the following types - Laser, Ion or Plasma. Here's a detailed table for each ship:

2MegacargoshipLaserBig CargobotLaserMega SupplierIon
3ScoutLaserRogue FighterLaserNox DarthLaser
6BattlecruiserIonSpace ArmadaIonGhostIon
9DeathStarIonTitanIonQueen NoxIon
11RecyclerLaserTankerLaserRecycler DroneLaser
12Spy probeLaserSpybotLaserNox mindLaser
13Solar SatelliteLaserSolar SatelliteLaserOrganic SatelliteLaser

The same rules apply to the defence:

1Ballistic TurretLaserDefence MatrixLaserNox ArcherLaser
2Laser TurretLaserLaser MatrixLaserLaser TissueLaser
4Ion TurretIonIon MatrixIonIon TissueIon
5Plasma TurretPlasmaPlasma MatrixPlasmaPlasma TissuePlasma
8Laser-Ion BatteryLaser and IonLaser-Ion MatrixLaser and IonLaser-Ion TissueLaser and Ion
9Plasma-Laser BatteryPlasma and LaserPlasma-Laser MatrixPlasma and LaserPlasma-Laser TissuePlasma and Laser
10Ion-Plasma BatteryIon and PlasmaIon-Plasma MatrixIon and PlasmaIon-Plasma TissueIon and Plasma
6Turret shieldLaserMatrix shieldLaserChitin shellLaser
7Planet E-FieldLaserPlanet MatrixLaserSurface ShellLaser

The attack of each unit is calculated using the following scheme:Base unit attack is added ot sum of all bonuses multiply by base attack:

  1. Weapon science (depending of what weapon the unit uses can be Laser science, Ion science or Plasma science).
  2. Admiral stat Ships Attack (for ships only).
  3. Admiral weapon Skills (depending of what weapon the unit uses can be Laser Beam, Ion Charger or Plasma Optimizer).
  4. Admiral skill Attack Forcer
  5. Commander ship bonus (Executor)
  6. Ships ugrades

Example: You have one Scout on level 2 ship upgrade, level 5 of Laser Science, admiral stat Attack on level 20, admiral skill Laser beam on level 5, admiral skill Attack forcer on level 3, commander ship Executor on level 20.So the Scout will have:420 + 420(25% + 515% + 200.1% + 53% + 32% + 200.15%) = 420 + 420111% = 886.2 damage attackYou can easily "calculate" your unit's attack by using the Battle Simulator in game.

3 Armors

The armor types in the game are 3 - Light, Medium and Heavy. Each armor has different start percentage.

  • Light - 3%
  • Medium - 6%
  • Heavy - 9%

This means that different units will have different types of armor and various start percentages. You can see it in the table below:

2MegacargoshipMediumBig CargobotLightMega SupplierLight
3ScoutLightRogue FighterLightNox DarthLight
6BattlecruiserHeavySpace ArmadaHeavyGhostHeavy
9DeathStarHeavyTitanHeavyQueen NoxHeavy
11RecyclerHeavyTankerHeavyRecycler DroneHeavy
12Spy probeLightSpybotLightNox mindLight
13Solar SatelliteLightSolar SatelliteLightOrganic SatelliteLight

The same rules apply to the defence:

1Ballistic TurretLightDefence MatrixLightNox ArcherLight
2Laser TurretMediumLaser MatrixLightLaser TissueLight
4Ion TurretHeavyIon MatrixHeavyIon TissueHeavy
5Plasma TurretMediumPlasma MatrixMediumPlasma TissueHeavy
8Laser-Ion BatteryMediumLaser-Ion MatrixMediumLaser-Ion TissueLight
9Plasma-Laser BatteryHeavyPlasma-Laser MatrixMediumPlasma-Laser TissueMedium
10Ion-Plasma BatteryMediumIon-Plasma MatrixHeavyIon-Plasma TissueHeavy
6Turret shieldLightMatrix shieldLightChitin shellLight
7Planet E-FieldMediumPlanet MatrixMediumSurface ShellMedium

The armor of each unit is calculated using the following scheme:Base unit armor is added ot sum of all bonuses:

  1. Armor science (depending of what armor the unit uses can be Light Armor, Medium Armor or Heavy Armor).
  2. Admiral armor skill Shield master (ships only).

Example: You have one Scout and level 5 of Light armor and admiral skill Shield master on level 5.So the Scout will have:3% + 51% + 51% = 13% armor.You can easily "calculate" your unit's armor by using the Battle Simulator in game.

4 Life

You can see how much life each unit has in its information page.The other Life bonuses are:

  • The science Ships Defence gives 10% life for all ships per level.
  • Admiral skill Ships master gives 2% life for all ships per level.
  • Admiral skill Defence master gives 2% life for all defence per level.
  • Admiral stat Ships Life gives 0.3% life for all ships per level.
  • Commander ship Juggernaut gives 0.15% life for all units per level.

Upgrades also affect the ship's life.

5 Bonus damage and penalty

Each unit (battle ship or defence) has bonus damage (20% increase of attack) against atleast 2 other units and battle ships has penalty (20% decrease of attack) againts atleast other 2.This means that if Scout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth has bonus damage against Cruiser/Interceptor/Nemesis and Bomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower it can has penalty against Battlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost and Destroyer/Goliath/Hornet.Detailed table for bonus damage and penalty you can find below:

UnitBonus damage +20%DamagePenalty -20%
Scout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthCruiser/Interceptor/NemesisScout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthBattlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
Death Star/Titan/Queen Nox
Cruiser/Interceptor/NemesisScout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthCruiser/Interceptor/NemesisBomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower
Destroyer/Goliath/HornetGuardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberDeath Star/Titan/Queen Nox
Battlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
Guardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberScout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthGuardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberDestroyer/Goliath/Hornet
Cruiser/Interceptor/NemesisBattlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostBomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower
Death Star/Titan/Queen Nox
Battlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostGuardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberBattlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostScout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth
Death Star/Titan/Queen NoxDestroyer/Goliath/HornetCruiser/Interceptor/Nemesis
Destroyer/Goliath/HornetScout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthCruiser/Interceptor/NemesisGuardian/Shieldbot/Absorber
Battlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostDestroyer/Goliath/HornetBomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower
Death Star/Titan/Queen Nox
Bomber/Bomberbot/SporethrowerBattlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostGuardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberScout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth
Death Star/Titan/Queen NoxBomber/Bomberbot/SporethrowerCruiser/Interceptor/Nemesis
Death Star/Titan/Queen NoxCruiser/Interceptor/NemesisScout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthGuardian/Shieldbot/Absorber
Destroyer/Goliath/HornetBomber/Bomberbot/SporethrowerBattlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
Death Star/Titan/Queen Nox


Defence vs Ships
UnitBonus damage +20%
Ballistic Turret/Defence Matrix/Nox archerScout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth
Laser Turret/Laser Matrix/Laser TissueScout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth
Ion Turret/Ion Matrix/Ion TissueGuardian/Shieldbot/Absorber
Plasma Turret/Plasma Matrix/Plasma TissueBattlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
Death Star/Titan/Queen Nox
Laser-Ion Battery/Laser-Ion Matrix/Laser-Ion TissueCruiser/Interceptor/Nemesis
Plasma-Laser Battery/Plasma-Laser Matrix/Plasma-Laser TissueBattlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
Ion-Plasma Battery/Ion-Plasma Matrix/Ion-Plasma TissueBomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower
Death Star/Titan/Queen Nox


Ships vs Defence
UnitBonus damage +20%
Scout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthBallistic Turret/Defence Matrix/Nox archer
Laser Turret/Laser Matrix/Laser Tissue
Cruiser/Interceptor/NemesisLaser Turret/Laser Matrix/Laser Tissue
Ion Turret/Ion Matrix/Ion Tissue
Guardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberBallistic Turret/Defence Matrix/Nox archer
Ion Turret/Ion Matrix/Ion Tissue
Battlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostPlasma Turret/Plasma Matrix/Plasma Tissue
Laser-Ion Battery/Laser-Ion Matrix/Laser-Ion Tissue
Destroyer/Goliath/HornetLaser-Ion Battery/Laser-Ion Matrix/Laser-Ion Tissue
Plasma-Laser Battery/Plasma-Laser Matrix/Plasma-Laser Tissue
Bomber/Bomberbot/SporethrowerPlasma-Laser Battery/Plasma-Laser Matrix/Plasma-Laser Tissue
Ion-Plasma Battery/Ion-Plasma Matrix/Ion-Plasma Tissue
Death Star/Titan/Queen NoxPlasma Turret/Plasma Matrix/Plasma Tissue
Ion-Plasma Battery/Ion-Plasma Matrix/Ion-Plasma Tissue


6 Priority target

Each unit (battle ship or defence) has priority target(s). This means that until this target is alive in the battle - the unit will hit only it (except if Artillery skill is applied).Detailed table for priority target(s) you can find in the table below:...

Ships vs Ships
IDUnitPriority target
3Scout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthBomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower
5Guardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberScout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth
6Battlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostGuardian/Shieldbot/Absorber
7Destroyer/Goliath/HornetBattlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
8Bomber/Bomberbot/SporethrowerDeath Star/Titan/Queen Nox
9Death Star/Titan/Queen NoxCruiser/Interceptor/Nemesis


Ships vs Defence
IDUnitPriority target
3Scout/Rogue fighter/Nox DarthLaser Turret/Laser Matrix/Laser Tissue
4Cruiser/Interceptor/NemesisPlasma Turret/Plasma Matrix/Plasma Tissue
5Guardian/Shieldbot/AbsorberBallistic Turret/Defence Matrix/Nox archer
6Battlecruiser/Space Armada/GhostIon Turret/Ion Matrix/Ion Tissue
7Destroyer/Goliath/HornetPlasma-Laser Battery/Plasma-Laser Matrix/Plasma-Laser Tissue
8Bomber/Bomberbot/SporethrowerLaser-Ion Battery/Laser-Ion Matrix/Laser-Ion Tissue
9Death Star/Titan/Queen NoxIon-Plasma Battery/Ion-Plasma Matrix/Ion-Plasma Tissue


Defence vs Ships
IDUnitPriority target
3Ballistic Turret/Defence Matrix/Nox archerScout/Rogue fighter/Nox Darth
4Laser Turret/Laser Matrix/Laser TissueCruiser/Interceptor/Nemesis
5Ion Turret/Ion Matrix/Ion TissueGuardian/Shieldbot/Absorber
6Plasma Turret/Plasma Matrix/Plasma TissueBattlecruiser/Space Armada/Ghost
7Laser-Ion Battery/Laser-Ion Matrix/Laser-Ion TissueBomber/Bomberbot/Sporethrower
8Plasma-Laser Battery/Plasma-Laser Matrix/Plasma-Laser TissueDestroyer/Goliath/Hornet
9Ion-Plasma Battery/Ion-Plasma Matrix/Ion-Plasma TissueDeath Star/Titan/Queen Nox


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