Asteroids are huge chunks of rock that float through the Galaxy.

Each Asteroid has a certain amount of Gas on it; each one starts with between 2 000 and 200 000 Gas. Asteroid may have Scrap on them, they don't start with any Scrap, but "gather" it. Any time an Asteroid passes through a field that has Scrap on it, the it attracts the Scrap with its gravity and the Scrap remains on it. An Asteroid has no limit on the amount of Scrap it can attract, meaning that it can gather the Scrap from a very large Battle.

Each Asteroid has its own coordinates, but they are not a constant, they change. When an Asteroid's coordinates change it moves. Asteroids move through the Galaxy in a very orderly and consistent fashion. If the Asteroid appears at coordinates 1:15:1, after a certain amount of time (depending on its speed) it will move to 1:15:2, then 1:15:3 and so on until 1:15:24. After this, the Asteroid will move to the first field in the next System – the coordinates will be 1:16:1, than to 1:16:2 and so on, and so on. Asteroids pass through fields that have Planets on them and don't affect the Planet in any way. The Asteroid will disappear either when it has passed all Systems in all Galaxies or when the amount of Gas and Scrap on it becomes less than 1000.

Each Asteroid has its own speed, it is displayed in "minutes per field" (Min/Field). This shows how much time, after it arrives, an Asteroid will spend on a certain field until it moves to the next one. It also shows once in what amount of time the Asteroid changes its coordinates.

In order to harvest the Gas and Scrap (if there is any Scrap) that are on an Asteroid, the player has to Astroploatate it with Recycler/Tanker/Recycle Drone. Since Asteroids move you have to make sure that the Asteroid will still be on the same field when your fleet arrives. Players with Premium or Platinum Premium accounts are able to see if Asteroids have Scrap on them, on the Galaxy screen.

There is a minimum of 100 Asteroids per Galaxy, if the number falls bellow 100 automatically a new Asteroid appear at random Coordinates (in that Galaxy).

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