Defence overview


Defenses are battle units, but they are quite different from ships. The main difference is that while ships are sent on Flights in open space, defense units always remain on the Planet they are protecting; they can’t leave it. Defense units have certain characteristics which determine how powerful, resilient, etc., they are. Some types of defense have requirements, which have to be fulfilled for the defense unit to be built. Requirements like the level of the Shipyard (the Shipyard must be at least at level 1 in order for defense units to be built at all) or researched level of a certain science(s). Defense units also require certain amounts of resources to be built, they require economic resources (Metal, Minerals and Gas) but they also require another resource to be available – free Population.

Detailed information:

  • If the player cancels a defense unit construction process in progress, they will receive 40% to 60% of the resources, for that process, back.
  • Every defense unit has a weapon, which is one of the three types: Laser, Ion or Plasma.
  • Every defense unit has armor, which is one of the three types: Light, Medium or Heavy.
  • Every 1000 population of your defence reduce the change for destroying your planet by 1%.
  • Every 2500 population of your defence reduce the Demolishing points by 100.
  • The construction time for every unit is calculated like this:
  • time_to_build = base_time_to_build*(1-shipyard_level*5%)*(1-terteths_facility_level*8%), where:

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