A Voucher is a code which verifies ownership over Credits.

There are two types of Vouchers – In-game vouchers and Payment vouchers.

In-game Vouchers are generated by the administrators of the game. They comprise of 18 or 19 characters on the pattern 4122(3). The firs 4 characters are system generates, the next 12 are the code of the Voucher and the last 2 or 3 show in which language version the Voucher can be used. An in-game voucher generated in a certain language version can only be used in that language version. To use the Voucher open the Premium menu, open Vouchers and enter the 18 or 19 characters.

Payment Vouchers are used to verify a purchase of Credits.When purchasing Credits a player can request the Credits as a Voucher, instead of them being directly added to the buyer’s account. Then this Voucher can be used by anyone, but only in the same language version of the game.To use the Voucher the player must have its code. To enter a Voucher code, open the "Purchase credits" menu, click on “Use Vouchers” and enter the code in the “Enter Code” field. These voucher are in the pattern 333 characters.

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