Attacking is the major way to gather more resources than your mines' income and to hinder your enemies’ progress. The Attack flight leads to a battle. You can send attack flights to a single enemy Planet up to 10 times per day. The idea behind an attack is to destroy the enemy’s fleet, steal their resources, destroy building levels or even destroy the entire Planet.

An incoming Attack is marked in red on the Fleets screen.


  • Attacking coefficient requirement: you can attack players if their Total points or their Resource points are between half of and twice your Total points or Resource points, respectively. For example: if you have 10 000 Total points and 20 000 Resource points you can attack a player if their Total points are between 5 000 and 10 000 or their Resource points are between 10 000 and 40 000, fulfilling one of these is enough (this requirement does not affect Team attacks);
  • Note that if you have DeathStars/Titans/Queen Nox in the attack the coefficient requirement is regarding Resource points not Total points;
  • Players who don’t have at least 300 Total Points cannot be attacked; Player who don't have at least 300 Total Points are allowed to attack other players (all limitations apply);
  • Players in Protection, Vacation and penalty modes cannot be attacked;
  • When you are in Protection mode you can only attack inactive players;
  • All inactive players can be attacked no matter of the attack coefficient.
  • A player would have to have ships in order to attack;
  • An attack flight can't contain Spy ships only;
  • You send attack flights (regardless if they reach the target or are returned) to a single enemy Planet up to 10 times per day;
  • You must have enough Gas at the attack’s start Planet in order to fuel your ships. If an attack is launched, that amount of Gas is lost no matter if the attack reaches its target or not.

Note: Users playing with Terteths and Noxis can steal up to 50% (1/2) of resources available with one successful attack, but Confederation players can steal up to 66,6% (2/3)!

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