Supreme Starway Gate (SSG)

The Supreme Starway Gate (SSG) is the ultimate building in the game which will bring victory to the first Alliance to finish it. The SSG is constructed on the Team planet in the Galaxy zone, only after the three Obelisks are built and all 10 Crystals are gathered.

To start building the SSG the following requirements must be fulfilled (not by a single player, but by the Alliance):

  • Total of 200 000 000 resource (Metal, Minerals, Gas and Scrap) transported to the Team Planet;
  • Total of 1 000 000 Alliance resource points on the Team planet (note that these points are separate from each player's personal Resource points). You can see the amount of your Alliance's resource points on the Alliance screen.
  • Stationships for 100 000 Population, on the Team planet;
  • Build ships for 100 000 Population, on the Team planet;
  • Gather 300 000 Alliance battle points;
  • Collect all 10 Crystals;
  • Construct all three Obelisks.

Fulfilling all these requirements enables authorized Alliance members to start the SSG construction.

The SSG requires the resources listed below and needs 168 hours for construction. Note that the time needed for the SSG construction is a constant and it is not affected by any bonuses reducing construction time of buildings.

  • Metal: 5 000 000;
  • Minerals: 3 000 000;
  • Gas: 1 000 000;
  • Energy: 2 000.

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