CS Overview


The Commander Ships are special types of units that provide additional abilities to your fleet. They can be purchased only once with resources or credits and can be repaired every time they die for certain amount of resources or credits.

Important: In battles only the leading CS applies its ability!


  • Corsair - this ships will help you to steal more resources with your Pirate flight;
  • Hunter - there is a possibility to destroy enemy spies before they can send their reports;
  • Executor - this ships provides additional bonus attack to all ships and defences;
  • Juggernaut - provides additional life points to all ships and defences in battle;
  • Typhoon - this ships will boost your entire fleet speed during flight;
  • Viper - fast and deadly this ship will increase your critical chance damage;
  • Corruptor - if it is upgraded enough there is a chance to return enemy attack;
  • Scorpion - this ship can help you by paralyzing enemy units in battle if it is upgraded enough.


Every ship has base upgrade time, and each level increase that time with 5 minutes (for Classic Universe).

For example. If you want to upgrade your Typhoon from level 0 to level 1 it will take 30 minutes. From level 1 to level 2 - 35 minutes, from level 2 to level 3 - 40 minutes etc.

Battle priority

The default priority for CS is according to their ID in the game. This priority can be changed very easy with simple drag and drop (like arranging your flights).

This menu is located both in Personal -> Battle priority and Admiral -> Battle priority.

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