Platinum protection

The Platinum protection is a mode that affects the player's account just like ordinary Protection mode. Each player can activate 1 Platinum Protection mode per month (in this case a "month" is a calendar month - for example: from the 1stto the 31stof January). It lasts for 72 hours and costs 30 Stars to activate. The Platinum Protection mode affects a player’s entire account, all Planets are protected from attack. It can’t be canceled until the 72 hours are up.

Note that this mode doesn't affect flights that are in progress at the moment of activating the mode. It protects you only from flights started after the mode is activated.

There is no requirement, on the player’s level in the Platinum Program, which has to be fulfilled to activate Platinum Protection mode.

Platinum Protection mode can be activated when at least 48 hours have passed since the previous Protection mode (regardless if it is a Platinum Protection or an ordinary Protection) has expired.

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