Won packages

Whenever a player wins or buys a Package, the package is sent to the “Won packages” menu.

From this menu the player can transfer the won Packages to any of their Planets. If a Planet doesn’t have enough free Population for the ships or defense units from a package, the player will not be able to send the Package to that Planet.

Players can take the contents of their Packages whenever they want in a 24 hour period; after 24 hours every Package is automatically transferred to the player’s default Planet (regardless of free Population).

Note that when a package containing Ships or Defence units is transferred to any of a players planets, the player receives Resource points equal to the amount they would have received if they constructed the Ships or Defense units at the Shipyard.

Note that all packages of ships will take the current level upgrade of the ships when they are taken.Destruction ships Death Star / Titan / Nox Queen can be purchased/won from the Auction any time, but they will come at level 0 if the requirements for their builds are not met. And on level 0 - they have 0% destruction chance.More information you can find in here.

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