Battle overview


A Battle is the meeting of units (ships and defence) owned by different players. The units have a confrontation and some of them are destroyed. Battles are one of the most important parts of the game, since galactic dominance can’t be established without confrontation.Every Battle has two sides, an Attacker and a Defender. In order for a Battle to occur the Attacker must have at least one ship, which must be sent on an Attack flight to an enemy’s Planet. If the Defender has no ships or defences it is considered that the Attacker is instantly victorious. In this case none of the sides gains or loses Points.

Every Battle consists of 1 to 12 rounds. The Attacker may choose the maximum allowed number of rounds, when sending their attack. The options are 5, 8, or 12 rounds.

Battles are affected by external factors, such as the level of sciences researched, because some sciences increase a ship’s life, armor or attack (Laser science, Ion science, Plasma science, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor and Ship defense). Battles are also affected by the levels of upgrade of each type of ship, as upgrades increase the attack and life of ships. Battles are also affected by usage of ships that possess Skills, because some ships have special Skills that affect the way a battle occurs. See (Skills).

Ships special features:

The Battle can have three possible outcomes:

  • The Attacker wins – when the Attacker wins, they steal some of the Defender’s resources. The amount stolen is limited to the amount of resources that the ships can carry and up to 50% of the resources on the Defender’s Planet (66.6% for the Confederation). See (Attack);
  • The Attacker loses – if the Attacker loses they don’t steal any resources;
  • Draw – if there is a draw the Attacker doesn’t steal any resources. A draw occurs when there is no winner and the round limit is reached.
  • Note that when there is a draw, Building destruction and Planet destruction are processed.

Battle System

Before the battle:

  • Amounts and types of ships and defence units that the attacker and defender have in their fleets are loaded.
  • Bonuses from researched sciences and upgrades are added for the attacker and the defender.

Battle starts:

  • Ships are divided into groups according to their types.


  • Passive skills are calculated.
  • Active skills are calculated if they apply.
  • Hit:- Each Group makes its hit to all ships or defence of a type.- Cargoship/ Cargobot/ Supplier, Megacargoship/ Big cargobot/ Megasupplier, Recycler/ Tanker/ Recycle drone and Solar Satellite/ Solar satellite/ Organic satellite get hit only after all other ships and defense units are destroyed.
  • Defence shields (Turret Shield/Matrix Shield/Chitin Shell and Planet E-Field/Planetary Matrix/Surface Shell) get hit instead of all other defence units as long as a shield(s) is present.

  • Lost ships and defence units are removed from the players’ fleets after all groups have made their hits, so in practice groups hit simultaneously.

  • Revival skill is calculated.

The “Round” sequence is repeated until one of the sides loses all its ships and defense units or until the maximum allowed number of rounds is reached.

After the battle:

  • Calculations about destroyed ships, on both sides, are made.
  • Scrap field is calculated and generated.
  • Points are calculated.
  • Detonation skill is calculated if it applies.
  • Destroy planet skill is calculated if it applies.
  • If the attacker wins and there are resources available, resources are stolen.

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