The Terteths were created, by humans, to serve as workers. Fortunately for them, people made them too intelligent and they rebelled and left in a matter of weeks. Since then the Terteths are following their own path of development.The intelligence bestowed by the humans was enough for them to learn how to improve themselves, thus they have started a sort of voluntary evolution.

In the long years since the rebellion the Terteths have improved themselves to such an extent that they are now considered a species in their own right. The robots have even developed a reproductive system and now new Terteths are not built in factories, but are constructed by nano-bots inside another Terteth’s body. But they have developed philosophically as well as physically.

The Terteths now have a complex social structure that is far more sophisticated than that of humans. This is so because in a world of machines even buildings, ships and vehicles are a part of society.

Traits: The Terteths have the Goliath, thanks to its Megapower skill, the Goliath increases the attack power of all friendly ships (except other Goliaths). The Tertehs also have the Shieldbot, which is the best ship for drawing fire away from other ships. Because of these two ships the Terteths are considered most useful on a Team planet.

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