Energy is used to power buildings on a Planet. Without Energy, no building can be constructed (except for the Energy producing building, as they don’t require Energy).

Ways to gain energy:

  • Solar panels/Infrared transbot/Solar absorber – these are the main Energy producing buildings for the three Races. In order to get more Energy, construct or upgrade these buildings.
  • Nuclear plant/Uranium bot/Uranium absorber – these are the secondary Energy producing buildings for the three Races. They produce more power than the primary buildings, at a lower cost, but they require the primary building to be at least at level 10 and the Physics science at least at level 5. This building is not affected by Ozone lack bonus and sun days left reductions.
  • Solar satellite/Solar satellite/Organic satellite – all Races can build Solar satellites, which produce Energy high in the Planet’s orbit. The amount of Energy produced by each one depends on the position of the Planet in the System and on the amount of Ozone left and Sun's days.
  • Physics – the Physics science gives a bonus to the Energy produced by buildings and Solar satellites. The higher the level of the Science, the bigger the bonus.
  • Engineer Specialty – this paid option increases Energy production by 10%

Energy is reduced by developing buildings, every level of every building (except Energy producing ones) reduces the amount of available Energy by the amount the building level requires. If you want to reduce your Energy consumption, you can do that by destroying building levels.

The amount of Energy gained is affected by:

Planet Energy calculation

The base formula for calculating the Energy which is available for use on every Planet is:

Energy_available = Energy_produced - Used_Energy

The specific formula calculating the Energy production on every Planet is:

EN = {[(EnB1 + EnSh) * OzB * SldR] + EnBs + EnB2} * PB * EB

Here is a list of the variables used in the formula and where they are derived from.

  • EN – total Energy production of a Planet
  • EnB1 – base production of Energy from buildings (Solar Panels/Infrared Transbot/Solar Absorber; affected by ozone bonus and sun life days reduction)
  • EnSh – base production of Energy from ships (Solar Satellite/Solar Satellite/Organic Satellite; depends on the Planet’s position in the System; affected by ozone bonus and sun life days reduction)
  • OzB – bonus from lack of Ozone (from 1 to 2)
  • SldR – reduction from Sun life days left (from 1 to 0.25)
  • EnBs – planet’s base production (produced without any Energy producing buildings and ships; not affected by ozone bonus and sun life days reduction; it is 20)
  • EnB2 – (Nuclear Plant/Uranium Bot/Uranium Absorber; not affected by ozone bonus and sun life days reduction)
  • PB – bonus from Physics science (from 1 to 1.5)
  • EB – bonus from Engineer specialty (from 1 to 1.1)

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