Auction packages

In every round of the Auction there are always Packages for 17 types of units (12 for ships and 5 for defence) that a player is allowed to Buy or Bid for. For each unit type there are up to 3 packages (Small, Medium and Large).

Every Package has the following characteristics:

  • Type - the type of unit that this package contains (ships or defence);
  • Amount - the amount of units that this package contains;
  • Highest bidder – the player who has bid the highest amount of resource so far;
  • Bidding – shows the minimal amount of resource (Metal, Mineral, Gas or Scvrap) a player must bid for the chosen package;
  • Buyout - the amount of Credits a player must pay for the chosen package in order to add its contents instantly to their “Won packages” menu;

Note that you need to have a certain amount of Total points to be able to bid or buy the specific package. If you don't meet these requirements the options for this package are inactive.

Every player, who has fulfilled the requirements for gaining the contents of a chosen Package, has the option to Buy it or to Bid for it.

Note that when a player buys a Package he is allowed to Buy instantly another package within the same Auction round or Bid for the same or another Package within the same Auction round.

There is a limit of 30 000 population that a single player can buyout per day. There is no limit in the population for the packages won by bidding. Premium and platinum subscriptions increase this limit with 5 000 population each.

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