After every Battle there is Scrap left in space. This Scrap can be harvested and recycled into useful resources. To do so a player must send a Recycling flight to the coordinates of the Scrap. The recycling field contains the lost ships and machinery from both sides in a Battle.

When the recycling fleet arrives at the target coordinate, it harvests the field. If the field is at the coordinates of a Planet, there is no contact between the recycling fleet and the ships and defense on the Planet. There is no Battle.

Premium users have a "Scrap Overview" menu available, it displays nearby Scrap fields and the amount of Scrap on them.


  • Recycling can only be done by Recycler/Tanker/Recycle Drone.
  • If you send recycling ships on an “Attack” mission with the rest of the fleet, they will participate in the Battle, but they will not gather the recycle field.
  • When you recycle your own coordinates (same as the ones the flight leaves from), time is a constant - it is 15 minutes (it can be reduced using Motivation or if the game Universe is at an accelerated speed; it can be increased if the player reduces the pace of the flight). The difference between base speeds does not apply. The same goes for the Sciences which affect speed.
  • Note:All resources loaded on to ships sent on a Recycling mission will disappear!!!
  • If you return a recycling flight sent to recycle a Sun, all recycle flights sent to this Sun from all planets of the player will be returned.

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