Team pirating

Piracy is the process of sending piract ships (Scouts/Rogue fighters/Nox darths) to an enemy Team planet to steal resources; it is an excellent way to gain resources for your Team planet and at the same time deprives an enemy’s Team planet from some of its. You can steal up to 1/4 of the resources present on the Team planet via Pirating.

The pirating fleet does not engage in Battle with the defending fleet or defense. A Battle may take place only if the Defender has Scouts/ Rogue fighters/ Nox darths (piracy ships) in their fleet. The fight is between the Scouts/ Rogue fighters/ Nox darths, from both sides, ONLY. Ship upgrades, reductions and shield bonuses apply. Points are calculated as usual. The Scrap appears as usual.

An incoming Pirating flight is marked in orange on the "Fleets" screen.


  • Attacking coefficient requirement: a Team pirating flight is not affected by the requirement for the enemy having between half of and twice your Resource or Total points, which applies for non-team pirating;
  • Only Scouts/Rogue fighters/Nox darths can conduct Piracy.

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