Auction overview


The Auction is the place where all players, in the current Universe, can bid with Resources or buy with Credits, for different Packages(offers) containing ships or defense. It is accessible either through the Hot links menu, through the Bank, or through the Ship market.

The Auction is divided into rounds (sessions) and every round lasts 1 hour.During every Auction round there are packages for a total of 17 types of units, 12 of them with ships and 5 of them with defence. For each unit type there are up to 3 packages (Small, Medium and Large).Each player has the options to buy or bid for a particular Package. Buying allows the player to add the contents of a chosen package, instantly, to their Won packages menu. In this case the player pays the price of the chosen Package with their Credits. Once they receive the Package contents, they are allowed to Buy instantly another package within the same Auction round or Bid for the same or another Package within the same Auction round.

Bidding allows the player to bid resources (Metal, Mineral, Gas or Scrap) for a chosen Package. It is not available from 00:00 until 09:00 o’clock server time. When the Auction round ends, the player with the highest bid for the current Package wins its content and is allowed to add it to one of their Planets. If there are 2 bidders with the same bid - the one that place the bid first wins the package.Note that in same auction round two or three players from different races can bid for the same package and only one of them will be the winner. This mean that auction packages are mutual, but the content of the package is defined by population.E.g.Confederation can have package with 10 Cruisers (70 population), the same package in the current round for Noxis will be with 35 Nemesis (also 70 population).

Once bought or won, the Package goes to the Won packages menu, where the player can take the Package content and add it to a Planet they own.If the player does not add manually the contents to one of their Planets, it will be added to their main Planet automatically 24 hours after they have bought or won the package.

Note that content of every Package (won or bought) can be added to any of the player’s Planets.

You can't take a package of ships or defense to a Planet where you don’t have enough free Population; if the Package is not taken in 24 hours it is automatically sent to the Main Planet. If on it there isn't enough free Population you will be overpopulated and you’ll have to destroy some of the ships or defense on your Planet.

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