A Sun is at the center of every System and it is the main source of Energy for the Planets in that System. Moreover, it will help players to achieve the Game goal because it is the source of the Crystals every Alliance must collect in order to construct their Obelisks and thus build their Supreme Starway Gate.

Every Sun is “born” in the beginning of each Game round when the Galaxies are created and has the following characteristics:

  • Coordinates– they depend on the Galaxy and System the Sun is in. The coordinates of the Sun consist of 3 numbers (as every other object in the System): the first number shows the Galaxy number; the second – the System and the third number is always 0 (because the Sun is the center of the System).For example: If the coordinates of a Sun are: 2:13:0 that means that this Sun is in the 13thSystem in the 2ndGalaxy in the respective Universe.
  • Days– they countdown the time until the Sun reaches its 0thday and determine the amount of Energy the Sun produces. In the beginning of the Game round every Sun starts with different number of days depending on the speed of the Universe. Every day of the game takes 1 day from the Sun days and every battle decreases the Sun days by 10. When the Sun's days reach 0it doesn't grant a Crystal (the amount of days at the time the Sun attack is sent). When more than 50% of the Suns in the Universe reach their 0 day, all the Suns in that Universe are restarted, i.e. their days and the Energy they produce are the same as in the beginning of the Game round:- In a Classic Universe the Sun starts with 225 to 355 days;
  • In a Speed Universe the Sun starts with 60 to 100 days;
  • In an Ultra Speed Universe the Sun starts with 50 to 70 days.

  • Energy – shows the amount of Energy (in percent) the Sun produces. Note that this doesn't affect Energy produced from Nuclear plant/Uranium bot/Uranium absorber. The amount of the Energy produced depends on the Sun days and on the speed of the Universe. To see the amount of energy a Sun produces place your mouse over the Sun, at the System screen.

EnergyClassic UniverseSpeed UniverseUltra Speed Universe
100%200 days or more100 days70 days
50%100 days50 days35 days
25%50 days or less25 days or less18 days or less

Note that the amount of Energy produced falls gradually and the aforementioned days and percentages are given for claryfication.

Note that no matter the speed of the Universe, the minimum Energy the Suns can produce is 25%.

Besides the fact the Sun is a source of Energy, it is also the source of Crystals every Alliance must collect in their way to the Supreme Starway Gate construction. The Crystals can be gathered by an Alliance after a successful Sun Attack sent from a Team planet. When attacked the Sun acquires few more characteristics which depend on whether the Sun is supported or not. The Sun has its life, attack and sciences researched, but they activate themselves only when the Sun has been attacked:

  • Life – the damage the Sun can withstand before being defeated;
  • Attack – the amount of damage the Sun deals;
  • Sciences – they add bonuses to the Sun's Life and Attack.

Without SupportWith Support
LifeDays left * 1 000 000(Days left / coef) * 1 000 000
AttackDays left * 3 000(Days left / coef) * 3 000
SciencesNo sciencesHighest science levels of all supporters

The coefficient affecting the Sun battle characteristics depends on the population supporting the Sun:

Coef = Population / 25112

Note that the coefficient has a minimum of 1, i.e. it can’t be lower than 1 no matter the number of supporting population!

Note that the Sun has a Laser weapon and a Light armor which acquire bonuses from Laser science and Light Armor, respectively.

  • When the Sun attack is successful and the Sun is defeated, if the Sun is older than 0 days there is a 75% chance for the Sun to give the attacking Alliance a Crystal which they don’t have.
  • You cannot send more than 3 Sun attacks to one Sun per 24 hours.
  • If you return a recycling flight sent to recycle a Sun, all recycle flights sent to this Sun from all planets of the player will be returned.

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