Terteth facility


The Terteth facility is an important addition to the Construction yard. It produces Terteths which are almost like ordinary Terteth people, almost because their AI has been inhibited so they don’t ever desire to improve their life. The hard work suits them fine and they don’t want to do anything else. These Terteths are much more productive than ordinary robots, that is why for every level of the facility 2 additional robots are available for assigning to resource production.

The Terteth facility reduces the time needed for construction of ships and defense. With every level, the reduction in time becomes larger. This is extremely useful, since the same amount of ships and defense can be built a lot faster without higher costs.In addition every level of this building add 2 more robots to the Construction Yard.

Max level: level 5Requirements- Construction Yard on level 10

Detailed table: Terteth Facility

11 000 000500 000100 0003:03:002005%
21 500 000750 000150 0006:06:0040010%
32 250 0001 125 000225 0007:37:3065015%
43 375 0001 687 500337 5009:31:5290020%
55 062 5002 531 250506 25011:54:511 20023%

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