I Basic Information

Espionage flights are conducted in order to gather information about another player’s Planet. Espionage flights can only be carried out by Spy ships: Spy probe/Spybot/Nox mind. In this article, for convenience we will refer to all these Ships as “spies”.

1 How to spy?

A spy is sent to an enemy Planet with an Espionage flight.Each Flight can contain one spy only. To send another spy you must send another Flight.Upon arrival the spy issues their first report. A spy remains on the enemy Planet until it is recalled by the sender or until it is destroyed after being discovered by a spy probe scan or Commander Ship.At any time, as long as the sender's spy is on the enemy Planet, a report can be requested*

* There is cool down time between every espionage from same planet. It is 30 seconds for level 1 Espionage and every level reduce that time with 1 second. So on level 20 Espionage - the cooldime time is 11 seconds.

The maximum number of espionage's in the same times is (Level_of_RadarSystems + 1) * 1,5 * 4.

2 Reports

There are 3 kinds of reports which differ in the amount of information they supply:

  • Full – Information about Resources, Energy, Defence, Ships and Planet population;
  • Detailed – Information about Resources, Energy and Defence;
  • Basic – Information about Resources and Energy;

The odds, of which type of report will be received, depend on the level of the Espionage science, of both players.

Note that you cannot sent spy ships to players in Vacantion or Protection modes, but if you have already some on their planets you can still get spy reports.

II Odds for type of report

The tables show the odds for receiving one of the three types of report (Full, Detailed or Basic)

In the following two tables we will use two variables:

  • L1 - Attacker's researched level of Espionage
  • L2 - Defender's researched level of Espionage

L1 - L2 =




4 or more90%10%0%
-4 or less0%0%100%

III Spying check

1 Information

Spying checks can be conducted to try and find any spies that might be on your Planet. The scan is done by entering the Science menu and clicking the “Scan for spy probes” button, which is located right next to the Espionage science tab or directly from the Planet menu you can click the button "Scan Planet for spies".

These checks can only be done once in certain number of time. The amount of time you have to wait until another check can be conducted depends on the level of the Espionage science and on the presence or absence of one of the defense structures Planet E-Field/Planetary Matrix/Surface Shell.

Here is a table showing the amount of time that must pass between spy checks:

Espionage levelWithout Shield (minutes)With Shield (minutes)


* Endless Universe

2 Odds

The odds of whether a Spy will be uncovered, during a Spy check, depend on the the level of the Espionage science, of both players. The table shows the odds of discovering a spy according to the levels of the Espionage science.

In the following table we will use two variables:

  • L1 - Scanner's researched level of Espionage
  • L2 - Spy owner's researched level of Espionage

L1 - L2 =Chance to discover SpyChance not to discover Spy
4 or more100%0%
2 or 375%25%
-1 to 150%50%
-2 or -325%75%
-4 or less5%95%

Once a Spy probe has been discovered there is a chance to destroy it:

  • There is a 30% chance to destroy a discovered spy probe if the Planet the probe is on has no Planet E-Field/Planet Matrix/Surface Shell.
  • There is a 100% chance to destroy a discovered spy probe if the Planet the probe is on has a Planet E-Field/Planet Matrix/Surface Shell.

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