Nemexia 3.0

Nemexia 3.0 - Release notes

1 Renegades (new feature)

[The Renegades][link_help_bg_renegades] are the latest game element in Nemexia. They are non-player characters (NPCs) and they are essential for all other players, because they will provide you with [Upgrade points][link_help_bg_ships_ships].

![][image_advice]If you want to upgrade your ships you will need Upgrade points along with resources.Upgrade points won't be needed to upgrade ships on your Team planet.

2 Renegade Espionage and Reneagade Attack (new feature)

Two new flights have been added "[Renegade Espionage][link_help_bg_flights_renegade]" and "[Renegafe Attack][link_help_bg_flights_renegade_1]".The use of the first flight is to gather information about the types of ships Renegades have.![][image_advice_th_left]Note that the population of the Renegade ships depends of the population of the attacking fleet.The purpose of the Attack flight is to steal new techology - upgrade points.

3 Upgrade points and ships upgrades (new feature)

All ships upgrades on single planet (owned by a player not an alliance) have additional resource added to the requirements for upgrading the next level. Its called "[Upgrade points][link_help_bg_ships_ships]". You can gather [Upgrade points]link_help_bg_ships_ships by attacking [The Renegades][link_help_bg_renegades].

![][image_advice]Note that UPs will not be needed to upgrade ships on your Team planet.

4 Consumables (new feature)

[The Consulables][link_help_bg_consumable] are options in the game that help you defeat the Renegades more easy.5 Defence units update

  • Defence units Photon cannon / Photon matrix / Photon tissue has been removed.
  • Three new units has been added:
  • [Laser-Ion Battery][link_help_bg_confederation_laser-ion]/[Laser-Ion Matrix][link_help_bg_terteths_laser-ion]/[Laser-Ion Tissue][link_help_bg_noxis_laser-ion]
  • [Plasma-Laser Battery][link_help_bg_confederation_plasma-laser]/[Plasma-Laser Matrix][link_help_bg_terteths_plasma-laser]/[Plasma-Laser Tissue][link_help_bg_noxis_plasma-laser]
  • [Ion-Plasma Battery][link_help_bg_confederation_ion-plasma]/[Ion-Plasma Matrix][link_help_bg_terteths_ion-plasma]/[Ion-Plasma Tissue][link_help_bg_noxis_ion-plasma]

![][image_advice]Note that these new defence units will not be available for purchasing/bidding in the Auction.

6 Science update

  • Science Mega shields has been removed
  • It was replaced with three new sciences:
  • [Light armor][link_help_bg_sciences_light]
  • [Medium armor][link_help_bg_sciences_medium]
  • [Heavy armor][link_help_bg_sciences_heavy]

7 Priority targets (new feature)

  • Every unit (ship or defence) have [priority target][link_help_bg_battle]. Some of them have more than one priority targets. This means that until your priority target is alive - you will not hit any other units (except if Artillery skill is applied).

8 Bonus damage and Penalty (new feature)

  • Every unit (ship or defence) have [bonus damage][link_help_bg_battle] against atleast 2 other units.
  • Every ship have [penalty][link_help_bg_battle] against atleast 2 other ships.

9 New and updated ships skills

  • [Ignore armor][link_help_bg_ships_ignore] - this is special skill for [Scout][link_help_bg_confederation_scout]/[Rogue fighter][link_help_bg_terteths_rogue]/[Nox Darth][link_help_bg_noxis_nox]. If applied - there is a possibility your ships to ignore the armor of the attacked ships for the current round.
  • [Devastate][link_help_bg_ships_devastate](Critical damage) - this skill is possessed by [Cruiser][link_help_bg_confederation_cruiser]/[Interceptor][link_help_bg_terteths_intercepto]/[Nemesis][link_help_bg_noxis_nemesis]. If applied it can increase the attack of your ships from 2 to 2.5 times.
  • [Bonus life][link_help_bg_ships_bonus] - is possessed by [Guardian][link_help_bg_confederation_guardian]/[Shieldbot][link_help_bg_terteths_shieldbot]/[Absorber][link_help_bg_noxis_absorber]. Each ship add passive bonus percentage to all other [battle ships][link_help_de_ships_ships_1] life.
  • [Armor boost][link_help_bg_ships_armor] - this skill is possessed by [Battlecruiser][link_help_bg_confederation_battlecrui]/[Space Armada][link_help_bg_terteths_space]/[Ghost][link_help_bg_noxis_ghost]. Its passive skill and each ship add bonus percentage to the armor of all other [battle ships][link_help_de_ships_ships_1].
  • [Revival][link_help_bg_ships_revival] - this skill is possessed by [Destroyer][link_help_bg_confederation_destroyer]. Its passive skill and can revive some of the lost ships in the round at the end of it.
  • [Mega power][link_help_bg_ships_mega] - this skill is possesed by [Goliath][link_help_bg_terteths_goliath]. If applied it becomes passive skill for the current round and can increase other [battle ships][link_help_de_ships_ships_1] attack.
  • [Freezing][link_help_bg_ships_freezing] - this skill is possesed by [Hornet][link_help_bg_noxis_hornet]. If applied it can freeze part of the enemy ships for the current round so they can miss their turn.
  • [Artillery][link_help_bg_ships_artillery] - this skill is possessed by [Bomber][link_help_bg_confederation_bomber]/[Bomberbot][link_help_bg_terteths_bomberbot]/[Sporethrower][link_help_bg_noxis_sporethrow]. If activated - it helps the other [battle ships][link_help_de_ships_ships_1] to skip their priority targets and hit directly the planet defence (if any).

10 Battle system changes

There are several changes in the battle system. The same type ships wont be divided in groups, they will act like one group. More information for the updated [Battle systems][link_help_bg_battle] you can find in the respective topic.

11 Removed features

Weapon-Armor reduction has been removed and replaced with [bonus damage][link_help_bg_battle] and [penalty][link_help_bg_battle]. See paragraph 8 and 9 in this topic.

12 Armor changes

  • Some of the units change their [armors][link_help_bg_battle].
  • We have no longer Solid armor.
  • "Normal" armor was changed to "Medium" armor.

![][image_advice]You can find more information in [Ships armors][link_help_bg_ships_ships] and [Defence armors][link_help_bg_defence_defence] topics.

13 Ships life updates

[Guardian][link_help_bg_confederation_guardian]/[Shieldbot][link_help_bg_terteths_shieldbot]/[Absorber][link_help_bg_noxis_absorber] are with updated Life statistics.

14 Battle reports updates

[Battle repors][link_help_bg_battles_battle] have updated summary, tooltips and analysis.

15 Adviser changes

Some new missions were added in the [Adviser][link_help_bg_adviser] so they can suit the Renegades option. Some of the other has been updated.

16 New design

All 3 races have updated design and vision.

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