Auction bidding

Bidding is the process of offering amount of resource to receive a particular Package at the Auction. The player that receives the Package is the one that has offered the largest amount of resource (Metal, Mineral, Gas or Scrap) when the Auction round ends or was the first one who bid for this package if there are several equal bids for it.

When a player bids for the first time in a particular Auction round, the full amount of resource offered is deducted from their current planet. If a player has already bid on a package, someone else has bid more than the player, and the player bids again, then not the entire sum is deducted, but just the difference between the player's current and previous bid, on that package in that Auction round.Note that when you bid for a specific package from one planet, you must continue bidding for this package only from the same planet. You can bid for another package from other planets. There is no such requirement for buyouts.

For example: Player A bids 5000 resource, it is their first bid in this auction round, 5000 resource are deducted. But if after that Player B bids 5500 from same or another resource, then Player A wants to bid again by placing 6000, then the amount of resource deducted will be 6000 - 5000 = 1000 resource, as the previous 5000 have already been taken.

Resource used for bidding doesn't affects players Resource points.

Note that in same auction round two or three players from different races can bid for the same package and only one of them will be the winner. This mean that auction packages are mutual, but the content of the package is defined by population.E.g.Confederation can have package with 10 Cruisers (70 population), the same package in the current round for Noxis will be with 35 Nemesis (also 70 population).A Package won by Bidding is sent to the “Won packages ” menu from where the player can add its contents to one of their Planets within 24 hours after winning it. If the player does not add the contents of the Package manually, they will be added automatically to their main Planet when the 24-hour period expires.

When a player is the first person bidding for a particular Package in the Auction round, their bid can be equal to the starting price of the Package or higher. Every bid from another player for the particular Package after the first one can be equal to the starting price of the package or lower/higher than the previous player's bid. Of course if they want to win the package their bid must be higher than the previous player.

Whenever a player bids the amount of resource is deducted from their current planet. If a player bids for a Package, but they are not the person that wins it, 50% of the resources bid are given back to them. Premium and Platinum subscriptions increase this percentage by 10% each.

If while the player is bidding for a Package another player uses the “Buyout” option, this doesn’t affect the bids or Package in any way; other players continue to compete for the Package.

If the player is bidding for a Package and suddenly decides to use the “Buyout” option, 100% of the bid resource are returned to the planet. After that the player can bid for the same package again but cannot buyout it again in the same round.

Bidding is not allowed from 00:00 to 09:00h (server time).

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