Specialties are options in the game that help you develop the Planets you have in various ways. Every Specialty costs 50 Credits or 9 Stars and is active for 7 days. If you renew the specialty before it is expired - you will get 1 extra day at the same price.

  • Builder – decreases the time needed for building construction by 15%;
  • Scientist – decreases the time needed for science research by 15%;
  • Economist – decreases the prices of ships and defense units by 10%;
  • Engineer – increases the amount of the Energy you gain by 10%;
  • Carrier – increases the capacity of your storage buildings by 25%;
  • Populator – increases the capacity of the Hangars/Vault/Nesting grounds by 10%.
  • Metal Supplier / Mineral Supplier / Gas Supplier – increases the income of resources (Metal, Minerals or Gas) you gain by 20%;

IMPORTANT: Populator Specialty does not apply its bonus to Planets where the corresponding buildings have been developed to their maximum level.

Note that all Specialties activated apply their bonuses to all of your Planets.

Specialties do not affect the Team planet in any way.

Specialties can not be canceled.

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