Sciences overview

In Nemexia, there are sciences that can be researched. Each science gives a certain bonus, the bonus increases with every level of research. Furthermore, many ships, defense, buildings, upgrades and even other sciences, are available only if a certain science (or sciences) is researched. If the player cancels a research in progress they will receive 60% to 80% of the resources ,for that research, back. Sciences can be researched on any of a player's Planets and affect all Planets, ships, etc. of the player. This means that a player can research half the sciences on one Planet and the other half on another Planet. Note that the research queue is one and the same for all of a player's Planets, meaning that two sciences can't be researched simultaneously even if it is done on two different Planets. Sciences are divided into 4 categories:

  • Basic science – these are the most basic fields of science in the Nemexia universe.
  • Advanced science – these are advanced sciences that give better bonuses
  • Master science – these are very advanced sciences that affect the player significantly
  • Additional science – these are the ultimate sciences in Nemexia. They give an important bonus that often makes the difference between victory and defeat. Only one of these three can be researched by a single player.

Here is a list of all categories and the respective sciences: (click on each science for more info)

Basic science:

Advanced Science:

Master science:

Additional science:

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